The Eye Programs

The Eye Planetarium offers a wide variety of shows for all ages!

Please note: All box office sales will close 15 minutes prior to showtime

Interactive Show: Stars over Star City

Take a guided and curated tour through the night sky! With our Stars over Star City series , learn about the seasonal changes to the stars, local astronomical phenomena, our planetary neighbors, and more! Our traditional star show hosts a rotating list of topics that will be sure to appeal to all space enthusiasts. You’ll even have the opportunity to ask your host all of your burning space questions!


  • Full show: approximately 45 mins with Q&A
  • Combined with Full-Dome Shows: approximately 20 mins

Topic List:
2/14 – 3/17: The Eye Introduction & The Naming of Our Planets
3/21 – 4/21: Solar Eclipse 2024, Fire in the Sky!
4/26 – 6/10: Solar Storms
6/13 – 7/28: Milky Way Mythos

Full-Dome Shows

Our selection of full-dome prerecorded shows provide an entertaining and informative viewport in the world of STEM. Explore the outermost reaches of our Universe, visit exoplanets, and learn what exactly it is that makes our personal star, the Sun, tick. Explore our own planet and discover stories and facts about the world around you. Experience art, culture, engineering, science and technology all within our various offerings.

Select shows will conclude a custom, interactive experience following the conclusion of the show. Topics will focus on enhancing content from the show, current news stories in STEM, or other curated content. Presentations and Q&A sessions are hosted by one of our subject matter experts.

Runtime: 15 – 30 minutes depending on show, + 15 – 25 minutes custom experience (select shows only)

Passport to the Universe:

Runtime: 18:30 (+20 min interactive experience on select shows)
What is our place in the cosmos? In the American Museum of Natural History’s iconic space show Passport to the Universe, this question is answered as visitors travel through the observable universe to explore our “cosmic address.” In an unforgettable experience, cutting-edge science creates images of unprecedented realism and accuracy as viewers begin to understand the true enormity of the cosmos. A captivating explanation of fundamental cosmology, Passport to the Universe is an “evergreen” presentation—always relevant, always educationally important, always illuminating.

Narrated by Tom Hanks.

Passport to the Universe was developed by the American Museum of Natural History, New York ( in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
Major support for new version provided by the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.

The Sun, our Living Star:

Runtime: 24:43 (+15 min interactive experience on select shows)
The Sun has shone on our world for four and a half billion years. The light that warms our skin today has been felt by every person who has ever lived. It is our nearest star and our planet’s powerhouse, the source of the energy that drives our winds, our weather and all life. The passage of the Sun’s fiery disc across the sky — day by day, month by month — was the only way to keep track of time for countless past civilizations. Discover the secrets of our star in this planetarium show and experience never-before-seen images of the Sun’s violent surface in immersive full-dome format.

Film courtesy of the European Southern Observatory (ESO).