Static Electricity Science Experiments with Balloons

Two static electricity science experiments that kids will love!

Melting Snowman - Winter Science for Kids

The best part of this snowy winter science experiment is that you don’t need real snow to enjoy it! That means everyone can try it. Plus, you have everything you need in the kitchen to get started.

Polar Bear and Melting Sea Ice Activity

This activity examines environmental science for kids and the impact of melting sea ice on polar bears.

How to Make Frozen Bubbles

Grab your coat and head outside for some fun winter science with the kids. You will learn how to make beautiful DIY frozen bubbles with a homemade bubble recipe. It’s such an awesome cold-weather activity for kids of all ages!

Pinecone Experiment for Kids

This experiment examines why pinecones open and close.

Snowstorm in a Jar - Winter Science Experiment

This snowstorm in a jar is such a fun winter science experiment! It’s really easy to put together and it looks so cool when it starts “snowing”!

We are excited to share fun science activities and discoveries from the local community. For all community scientist submissions, please email sallen@smwv.org

Thank you Lizabeth for submitting great ideas all about engineering. Below you will find educational videos, fun activities, games and so much more!

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Build It

Tie Dye Milk

Learn about surface tension with this colorful milk experiment!

Rainbow Xylophone

Use sound waves to make your own musical instrument!

Popsicle Catapult

Explore physics by sending missiles flying through the air!

Digital Coloring!

Print these amazing images out or color them in online!

Outside Scavenger Hunt

Can you find something outside for each letter of the alphabet?

Build a Bridge

Learn how to build a bridge and see how much weight it can hold.

Watch It

Learn about static energy from Fun Science with Kids.


Watch Science Max try to levitate using the power of magnets.

Learn how to build your own Air Cannon with the Dad Lab!

How does water travel from one cup to another using paper towels? Ryan from Ryan’s World finds out!

Gravity stop us floating away in to space. Find out why with Crash Course Kids.

How do huge, heavy, metal boats float on water? Science Max tries to find out!

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