*Indicates Weeks With Middle School Camp Programming

JUNE 12TH – 16TH 

SEA EXPLORERS – (K-2nd | 3rd-5th)

Future oceanographers and marine biologists dive in with us as we explore the depths of the oceans! We will take a closer look at vertebrates and invertebrates, ecosystems, currents, pollution, and more. Hands-on activities include squid dissection (3rd – 5th graders), making sea shells disappear, creating tide pools, playing with real horseshoe crabs, cleaning up oil spills, and more.

*JUNE 19TH – 23RD

ENGINEER FOR A WEEK – (K-2nd | 3rd-5th) 

In partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers and Roanoke Higher Education Center, young builders and engineers will learn the design process and create their own blueprints, investigate various materials including mixing, pouring, and testing your own concrete, build house models to withstand challenging environments and weather conditions, engineer outer space base camps and much more. 

TOWER TENSION – (6th-8th)

Are building toys and games your favorite thing in the world? Learn the basics of structural engineering while you and your group work to build the strongest tower you can! Meet a real Civil Engineer and learn about careers in the field. On day three, the towers will be tested to see which can hold the most weight!

JUNE 26TH – 30TH 

DINO DIG – (K-2nd | 3rd-5th)

Dino Dig Summer Camp is an exciting program for young paleontologists who are fascinated by dinosaurs and prehistoric life. Through hands-on activities campers will learn about the different types of dinosaurs that roamed the earth, including their habitats, diets, and behaviors. Campers will also have the opportunity to participate in simulated dinosaur digs, uncovering fossils and bones just like real paleontologists. This camp is perfect for kids who love science and want to experience the thrill of discovery. Join us for a summer adventure that’s millions of years in the making!

JULY 10TH – 14TH

GOING GREEN – (K-2nd | 3rd-5th)

 Calling all young environmentalists! Our “Going Green” camp digs deep into the earth sciences, with hands-on activities designed to foster an understanding and appreciation for our planet. Campers will explore the environment with experiments and activities all about life on earth–and what we can do to help maintain it! This camp is perfect for young environmentalists who want to make a positive impact on the world. Join us for a summer of fun and eco-friendly learning!

*JULY 17TH – 21ST 

OUT OF THIS WORLD – (K-2nd | 3rd-5th)

Jump on board the SMWV spaceship as we travel to galaxies far, far away! Train to be an astronaut, become a rocket scientist, code a mars rover, explore past and present space missions, and celebrate the moon landing anniversary with us.

MISSION TO MARS – (6th-8th)

Join a team as they prepare for the first permanent colony on Mars! Learn what it takes to plan a mission in space: the hazards, time, skills, and resources needed to be successful space explorers. Participate in ‘project teams’ that will need to work together to successfully manage each aspect of a mock mission to Mars!

JULY 24TH – 28TH

GET A CLUE – (K-2nd | 3rd-5th)

Are you dreaming of a career in crime scene investigation? Do you enjoy solving a good mystery? Come investigate a mystery at the Science Museum and learn what it takes to become a science sleuth! Discover how to gather clues and collect evidence, extract your own DNA and take your own fingerprints.


CAMP CODERS – (K-2nd | 3rd-5th)

Camp Coders is perfect for students curious to know how technology and computers work! Campers will get a hands-on introduction to computational thinking as they learn how to write, test, and debug their own codes. Coders will get their hands on Bee-Bots, Edison Bots, Dash & Dots, Makey-Makeys, and more, as they learn concepts such as sequencing, looping, and conditionals. Campers ages K-5th grade will develop their problem-solving and collaboration skills as they learn to be coding champions! No prior coding or programming experience is required.

ROBOT RACES – (6th-8th)

Compete in a series of coding challenges to prove who is the best bot programmer! Students will be broken into teams and will compete in a tournament to see who will come out on top! Learn how to code robots, from simple commands to more advanced conditionals and loops!


FANTASTIC FORCES (K-2nd | 3rd-5th)  

Fantastic Forces Summer Camp is an exciting program for kids who love science and want to learn more about physics. Through hands-on activities campers will explore the world of physics, including topics such as energy, motion, and forces. They will also have the opportunity to conduct experiments, build machines, and solve physics-based challenges. This camp is perfect for young scientists who are curious about the natural world and want to understand the principles that govern it. Join us for a summer of exploration and discovery!


Learn how some of the best amusement park rides work while building your very own roller coaster! Students will work together in small groups to build the best roller coaster they can while learning about energy, forces, and momentum!



Dream up new inventions and innovations with us this week as we take a walk on the wild side of our imaginations. Create new creatures, meet new forms of intelligence, travel to alternate realities, and build crazy contraptions at this camp.

CAMP CANDY – (3rd-5th)

We’re cooking up some fun chemistry and engineering this week with chocolate chemistry, edible glass, flavor engineering, and growing giant gummy bears!


Wild & Wacky Machines –  (6th-8th)

Taking inspiration from engineers like Rube Goldberg, design and build your very own wild and wacky machines! Learn engineering and construction principles as you build the most outrageous, silliest, and craziest contraptions you can! Students will work individually and in teams to create the most fanciful creations.

After Care

 After camp care (finishing at 5pm each day) can be added to any camp session for an additional fee:

After Camp Care: $35 per week

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Should you wish to withdraw your child from any camp session, you may apply that child’s registration to another camp session, provided that space is available. 

If you wish to withdraw a child from any camp session and you do not wish to transfer him or her into another camp session, the following refund policy will be in effect.


May 15th or earlier

After May 15th but more than 14 days prior to start of Camp Program

Less than 14 days before start of Camp Program, but more than 7 days prior

Less than 7 days before start of Camp Program





0%, except in cases of documented medical or family emergencies

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