Love Birds

Name a Parakeet Couple! 

For our newest Valentine’s tradition, we offer the chance to name one of our parakeet couples! Parakeets mate for life and we have many known couples that are in need of names.  

For $80, you will get to name two parakeets that are a mated pair and you will receive:

  • A permanent display in the entryway of The Parakeet Garden of your Love Birds who have been sponsored.
  • Two free feeding tokens for a fun date idea.
  • A photo of you and your date in the Parakeet Garden.
  • A photo of the parakeet Love Birds.
  • A certificate of sponsorship.
  • And a heart-shaped thank you card will be displayed at the front desk.

Your generous donation will go directly to supporting the museum’s  parakeet garden as well as other animals housed here at the museum.