Frequently asked questions

You can buy tickets on Center in the Square’s website, at the front desk, or on the first floor of the Center in the Square building.

There are several car parks in Downtown Roanoke, including the Center in the Square Garage on Campbell Ave. There is also plenty of other car parks and street parking located nearby the building. Find out more about parking options here.

We recommend giving yourself at least two hours to fully explore the two museum floors. However, your learning experience is up to you! You are also welcome to leave the museum and return as many times as you desire on the same day of visiting.

Yes! When you enter the museum, you will receive a sticker indicating your admission, so we will know you have already paid to come in.

You can leave and come back as much as you like until 5pm on the day of visitation.

The exhibit that was previously called The Butterfly Garden is now The Parakeet Garden. Read more about it here.

Whilst this means that there are no longer butterflies, we hope you enjoy our new exhibit!

The Parakeet Garden (previously called the ‘Butterfly Garden’) is an additional charge.  Please review The Parakeet Garden price information and read more about it here.

Unfortunately the Hopkins Planetarium had a technical malfunction of galactic proportions. Whilst it is not open to the general public, big plans are underway to transform the space into a brand new exhibit! Read more about the new exhibit here.

No, we are separate businesses. Kid’s Square is a different organization within Center in the Square that requires separate admission.

You can – and you can get a new card at the front desk. Just have a photo ID on you, or be able to state the name and address on the membership account and we can look you up on our system.

You can! If you go to the membership packages page, you can buy a membership as a gift for someone else.

It is. We frequently have visitors who require wheelchair access. The Center in the Square building is fully accessible and has an elevator that will take you to the fourth floor (where we are located!).

All mothers are welcome to nurse throughout the museum, however if a more private setting is desired then just ask the front desk staff who will arrange a private room for you and your child.


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