Volunteers are an essential part of our museum work-force and allow us to continue our mission of delivering outstanding service to our visitors. From performing docent work, such as greeting guests, answering questions and maintaining the organization of the museum floors, to working special after-hours events, you are always able to find the role that suits you.

Those who are enthusiastic to help more can receive free training at the front desk, perform demonstrations at the Touch-Tank and work with our Education Department, developing essential skills to be transferred into professional work.

New volunteers

Volunteers must be over 14yrs of age. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out a Volunteer Application Form. Once we have received you application, you can sign up for a volunteer orientation session.

The session will last approximately 1 hour and will talk you through how you can tailor your experience at the science museum to your needs.

For more information, call 540.342.5710 or email volunteers@smwv.org.

Current volunteers

Log in to the Volunteer Information Center to schedule your shifts and see your accumulated hours. If you have completed the orientation but have not yet received your login name and password, please call us at 540.342.5710 or email volunteers@smwv.org.

Incentive program

As volunteers donate their time and effort into helping us at the museum, we provide benefits to say thank you:

  • Free parking in the Center in the Square garage during volunteer hours
  • Flexible scheduling and duties to best suit the individual
  • 2 free admission tickets after 10hrs of volunteering
  • Free membership after 50hrs of volunteering
  • Free passport membership after 100hrs of volunteering

Words from a SMWV volunteer


"I volunteer at the Science Museum for both personal and alturistic reasons; being surrounded by opportunities to learn is wonderful. Sharing information with visitors is immensively satisfying and I want visitors to leave the museum with a new appreciation of the wonder and complexity of the world around us!"