Wondering about WonderLab?

Our new WonderLab exhibit invites museum guests of all ages to play with robots and coding in a fun and friendly open learning environment. The various components within the exhibit allow children and adults to enjoy and create, regardless of their level of experience.

web Code-a-Pillar smileCode-a-pillar: Code-a-pillar introduces guests to the basic concepts behind coding and helps children develop critical thinking and planning skills. By changing the arrangement of the command segments, guests change the path of Code-a-pillar.





Cubelets: These modular robots provide a simple, tactile way of learning about robots and programming.  Different colored cubes have different functions and their magnetic connectors allow the cubes to be easily combined in a variety of ways to create new robots.






web OsmoOsmo: Osmo Coding bridges the gap between Cubelets and Scratch. Using physical command blocks, guests control Awbie, a playful character who loves strawberries. A sensor reads the blocks and the commands are translated into action on our tablet.





web ScratchScratch: With an easy to navigate user interface, Scratch allows users to discover the basics of programming. The Scratch language allows even early readers the ability to create simple computer games, interactive stories, animations, and much more. Experiment and play with ideas!




web Dot.Dash tableDot and Dash: These friendly-looking, programmable robots combine the excitement of Cubelets with the flexibility of Scratch. Using our tablets, visitors can navigate Dash through an obstacle course or teach it to play a tune.






The team who brought the exhibit to life includes:  Rachel Hopkins-Executive Director of the Science Museum of Western Virginia, Derek Kellogg-Scientific Director of the Science Museum of Western Virginia, Jacob R. Smith-Local Artist and Educator, and Mark Hodges, Exhibits Technician for the Science Museum of Western Virginia.

WonderLab was made possible by TMEIC.


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