June 14, 2014 through January 4, 2015



Experience the life and death of one of history’s most legendary kings in TUTANKHAMUN: Wonderful Things from the Pharaoh’s Tomb.

Presented in association with the International Museum Institute of New York, Tutankhamun will be the museum’s signature attraction through Jan. 4, 2015.

This dazzling collection of reproductions of Tutankhamun’s legendary treasures recreates the richest archaeological find of all time by Howard Carter. Ten years in the making from the artisans of the Pharaonic Village in Egypt, the popular touring exhibit depicts the life and times of one of history’s most legendary kings through 124 faithful replicas of King Tut’s sacred and personal possessions, including his state chariot, golden shrines, beds, thrones, jewelry, magnificent funerary mask, mummy case and royal mummy.

An innocent puppet-ruler, Tutankhamun was caught in the midst of a dangerous and profound political, spiritual, and artistic revolution against the entire pantheon of ancient Egyptian gods by the first monotheistic religious cult in history. The pharaoh’s much overlooked African heritage is explored, along with the religious magic of the sacred objects, and the infamous curse of Tutankhamun.

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King Tut is taking over the Science Museum! Egyptian-themed birthday parties and planetarium programs, showcasing the beauty and mystery of the ancient Egyptians, will be offered for a limited time only here at the museum!


Egyptian Nights

Come take a journey through ancient Egyptian skies, experiencing the beauty and learning the secrets of the constellations that overlooked ancient Egypt.  This new show will be offered only on Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. starting on Sept. 6 in the museum’s planetarium for $2 a person (in addition to museum admission). In this new and educational planetarium show, a Science Museum educator will guide you on a journey through the constellations of the ancient Egyptians. Discover the stories that these ancient constellations told and how they guided the work and accomplishments of the ancient Egyptians so long ago.

Party Like an Egyptian

Bored of those generic bowling alley birthday parties? Spice up your child’s birthday with our new Egyptian-themed birthday party. Only $175 for a party your child will never forget! Enjoy a visit to our exhibit, Tutankhamun: Wonderful Things from the Pharaoh’s Tomb, and see the 124 stunning replicas of King Tut’s most prized possessions. The party also includes ancient Egypt-inspired activities for party-goers to enjoy as well as time in our other exhibits. Hurry, these parties will end when the king says farewell to Roanoke on January 4, 2015.

King Tut Sleepover

Come “camp out” at the Science Museum of Western Virginia and spend the night near our traveling exhibit King Tut: Wonderful Things from the Pharaoh’s Tomb!

This overnight program on Nov. 7, which runs from 6:00 pm on Friday night to 9:30 am on Saturday morning, will include a number of ancient Egypt-themed hands-on science experiences plus time to explore the museum on your own.  The cost for this program is $60 for each adult/child pair and $40 for individual children (we require at least one adult for every three children) and includes a pizza dinner and light breakfast in the morning.

King Tut will be leaving at the beginning of January, so make sure you take this special opportunity to experience ancient Egypt up close, right here in Roanoke!

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