DINOSAURS & FOSSILS! start “rocking” Jan. 31

In association with the International Museum Institute of New York, the Science Museum of Western Virginia debuts on January 31 a new exhibit for our region: Dinosaurs & Fossils!

Drawn from the world’s foremost fossil collections, this treasury of 133 fossil casts brings together some of the most exciting finds in the history of paleontology.

Spanning 4.6 billion years in scope, from the earliest invertebrate marine life through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous dinosaurs to mammals and prehistoric humans, this acclaimed collection dramatically illustrates the awesome story of prehistoric life on Earth.

Dinosaurs & Fossils! will be on display through August.

Science Museum members enjoy free admission to Dinosaurs & Fossils!   Exhibit is included in museum admission for non-members.

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