I’m scientific proof the Science Musem will change you.

Michael and the allosaurusI’m not a science guy.

Be it my education or inclination — or biological brew of both — my bent has always been the artistic side of life.

But since joining the Science Museum a year ago, I’ve had the opportunity to shake hands with a man who walked on the Moon, feel a butterfly flutter on my face, show a horseshoe crab to a wide-eyed child, and hold up close a human brain.

Now I can tell the difference between the monarch and the morpho. I’m reading The Right Stuff to learn more about our first astronauts. I’ve even begun studying the science behind brewing beer.

“Hands-on” and “interactive” are cliched terms they’re so often used. But how else to describe the transformation that takes place when we’re allowed to touch, see, smell and experience things that we otherwise observe only in a book or on a screen?

I now know the Science Museum is the difference between the virtual and the real. Between education and inspiration.

I invite you to feel this inspiration … as a member, visitor, volunteer, or donor.

I’m “scientific” proof it’ll change your life.


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