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In appreciation of her 44 years of service to the Science Museum of Western Virginia — as founding member, faithful trustee and tireless volunteer —  the Board of Trustees on Nov. 19  dedicated the museum’s main educational classroom the “Carole R. Massart Classroom.”

Resolution to Re-Name Classroom A in Honor of Carole R. Massart

WHEREAS, Carole R. Massart was a member of the founding committee for the Science Museum of Western Virginia in 1970, and helped charter the first incorporated Science Museum in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Massart has served on the Board of Trustees and as a museum volunteer continuously since that time, and has given tirelessly of her efforts, ideas, and resources to support the museum, and

WHEREAS, as a retired science teacher in the public school system, Mrs. Massart has dedicated her career to the education of this area’s students, and today continues that work through the Roanoke Valley Governor’s School, and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Massart was a member of the Board of Trustees in 2000 for the museum’s original accreditation by the (then) American Association of Museums, and then returned to deliver hundreds more volunteer hours in 2014 to sustain the museum’s reaccreditation by the (now) American Alliance of Museums, providing a service without which reaccreditation would have been impossible to pursue,

Now be it therefore

RESOLVED by the Board of Trustees of the Science Museum of Western Virginia, Inc., that in recognition of her many achievements and services, the facility currently known and labeled as “Classroom A” shall henceforward be known and labeled as the “Carole R. Massart Classroom” and that such name shall be applied to this space for as long as the Science Museum of Western Virginia shall occupy said premises.

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