Sensory Egg Hunt



Join us for our first Ability Inclusive Egg Hunt that is both ‘egg-ceptional’ and ‘egg-ccessible’! The Science Museum of Western Virginia, Macaroni Kid Roanoke, and FAVE, Facilitating Awareness and Valuable Experiences, are proud to host this wheelchair and sensory friendly event specifically designed for children who are impacted with physical, communication, or cognitive needs.

The session will feature an engaging egg-collection activity with clear visuals for hunters to participate with ease. Each hunter will be tasked with finding 7 distinctly colored eggs and turn their eggs in for a sensory and dietary-friendly prize of their choice from the prize table. Eggs will be located on a variety of surface heights to accommodate those with all mobility levels.

Here are some ‘egg-tra’ accommodations for the event:

  • Reduced crowds with an earlier session time
  • Sensory friendly environment with soft lighting and no music
  • Clear visuals to indicate the hunting area and hunt expectations
  • A choice of suitable prizes
  • Transition accommodations before and after the hunt
  • Trained museum staff with Fave’s “Check for Communication”
  • A welcoming “cool down” spot for children who may become overwhelmed

We invite you to stay after the hunt to explore the museum’s 5th floor exhibits, including The Bubble, a multi-sensory environment developed to be accessible to visitors of all abilities.


FAVE, Facilitating Awareness and Valuable Experiences:

Barriers to safe and valuable experiences for individuals with impaired communication or cognitive abilities such as Autism, Alzheimer’s, or Down Syndrome, impact all aspects of our community. Our team of experts is on a mission to break these barriers and cultivate a community that welcomes individuals with all ability levels.

Our first step is to support businesses, organizations, and our community agencies in learning to recognize often “hidden” disabilities, understand potential barriers, and incorporate accommodations for all-ability inclusion.


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