Healthy Earth Gallery

Healthy lives depend on healthy environments. Journey Underground to interact with Virginia geological specimens. Explore our world through the wonder of OmniGlobe. Become an on-air meteorologist in our WDBJ Weather Studio. And get a “hands-on” experience along our Living River & Touch Tank.

Under Your Skin Healthy Bodies Gallery

See what lies under our skin through a one-of-a-kind “plastinated” human specimen that features actual human organs. Compete against a friend in an amazing state-of-the-art exhibit called MindBall where you move an actual ball to your opponent’s goal using only your mind. Leave with a new appreciation for nature’s most complex being: You!

The Butterfly Garden

The crowning jewel of the reinvented Science Museum, the Butterfly Garden offers the opportunity to interact with live butterflies from around the world in an enclosed picturesque setting of lush plants and a serene water feature.

Click here for more on the Butterfly Garden.

How it Works Gallery

Feel the rumble of recycling steel in Steel Dynamics’ Renewed by Fire. These interactive exhibits feature technologies that were developed or are in use in western Virginia, and enable us to live healthy and more productive lives while being better stewards of our environment.

Open Lab

Choose from two dozen science experiments that you can perform with your friends or family in an inviting, safe and controlled environment.

Children’s Curiosity Corner

Your preschooler will love our fun fossil dig and other activities designed for kids five and younger.


Explore the wonder of OmniGlobe
Explore the wonder of OmniGlobe