Bring the science to you

Our educators come to your classroom and deliver your choice of Education Program!

Our educators reach more students than any other organization in Western Virginia. Outreach programs see our educators visit schools throughout Southwest Virginia and deliver captivating programs to students in their own classrooms. These programs encourage critical thinking, hypothesis testing and teamwork to collect data and analyse results.

Available Programs

Explore our list of programs by grade, each with a brief description of the activity. We offer a large range of STEM topics to choose from to allow the most benefit for your class.

What happens during our visit

An educator from the museum will travel to your school and set up, teach, and breakdown a full 45 minute class of your choosing. Students may take part in various activities at their own tables, or rotate through stations over the course of the class.

Teachers are asked to remain in the classroom to help assist students if necessary or aid classroom management. We ask to remain in one classroom if possible due to all of the equipment and supplies required for programs. Access to a laptop and surface to display a slide presentation may be requested.

If you class or school has any special requests or needs, please do not hesitate to let the scheduler or educator know so that they can do their best to meet your needs!

Booking & Rates


1st Presentation

2nd Presentation

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To make a booking, please complete our online Outreach Request Form. For any questions, please call 540.342.5721 or email We appreciate at least 2 weeks notice to make the necessary arrangements.

Once you have filled out the Outreach Request Form, you will receive a reservation confirmation email as soon as possible and our scheduler will provide you a quote for your program.

If you have any individuals with special needs, please let us know so we can better organize our programs for your class.