Butterfly Garden

DSC_0352The crowning jewel of the reinvented Science Museum, our year-round Butterfly Garden lets you interact with more than 40 species of live exotic butterflies from around the world.

Science Museum of Western Virginia Paper Kite emerging

The Chrysalis Case

Set in an enclosed picturesque setting of lush plants and a serene water feature, the Butterfly Garden offers something new each visit. Each week we import hundreds of chrysalises from the Southeast Asia, Central and South America. These chrysalises are hung in our emergence case where you can watch them hatch!

Admission for museum members is FREE.

Admission for non-members is $4 if purchased with a museum exhibit admission.

Butterfly Garden-only admission is $6.

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Bug Zoo square sm



We are excited to announce the opening of our NEW Bug Zoo!  The zoo will be part of our beautiful Butterfly Garden and will include a wide variety of exotic creatures such as a Goliath Bird-eating Tarantula, African Giant Millipedes, Tanzanian Whip Spiders, and some of the biggest cockroaches you’ve ever seen!  The new residents each have their own lovely enclosure, designed by members of our Animal Care staff to provide an environment where they will be comfortable and happy.  Many of the new animals are still young, so you will want to return again and again to see how much BIGGER they get!





Butterfly Fashionistas