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Center in the Square is home to a magnificent 8,000 gallon Living Reef Aquarium. This aquarium is home to over 400 beautiful marine fish and 150 soft and stony corals. It is the largest of its kind in the Mid-Atlantic. There are also two 300 gallon cylindrical jellyfish tanks and a 400 gallon Tidal Tank that are home to seahorses, urchins, and various other intertidal marine organisms. In addition to our saltwater aquariums, we have a 400 gallon Roanoke River aquarium, which is home to the endangered Roanoke Logperch. We also have a Turtles of Virginia tank that features three different species of turtles found throughout Virginia. These six aquariums serve as an excellent medium for teaching our
SOL-based curriculum.

Center’s multi-level green roof offers spectacular views of downtown Roanoke and the mountains of the Roanoke Valley as well as serving as a venue for entertainment functions. A significant portion of the fifth floor was opened and re-enclosed in a dynamic skylight as part of the new butterfly habitat. In addition, many of the latest sustainable, green, and energy-harnessing technologies have been incorporated into the rooftop experience for both their operational effectiveness and educational aspects. This awe-inspiring rooftop is one of the most innovative on the East Coast. Feel free to take advantage of the views of Roanoke while eating your lunch.

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Pinball Museum

In 2015, Center in the Square established the Roanoke Pinball Museum. This museum is home to 46 machines ranging from 1948-2003. Not only can you play pinball, but you can also learn about the history of pinball, the science behind the game, and have an opportunity to appreciate the color, composition, and overall design of the backglasses and playfields.

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